Occupational Health Services

Occupational Hygiene surveys

  • Illumination survey – Lighting levels must be measured in the workplace to prevent potential harm to exposed employees (Environmental Regulations for Workplaces)
  • Heat / and Cold stress – Conducted to determine safe exposure of employees to either heat or extreme cold environments.
  • Noise survey– Conducted to determine if any person may be exposed to noise levels at or above the noise rating limit as stipulated by law (Noise Induced Hearing Loss regulations – OHS Act 85 of 1993)
  • Air Quality monitoring – Conducted to determine the presence of hazardous chemical substances and minimise their adverse effects to employees.


Occupational Health

Occupational Health Services is a legislative requirement according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act No.85 of 1993. We offer a Comprehensive Occupational Health Services and Wellness programs to SME’s, Corporations and Government Institutions.

  • Medical Surveillance
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) 
  • Wellness Program




Occupational health further reading

De-novo HSE offers specialised occupational health services to employers ranging from multi-national corporates to smaller enterprises across the spectrum of industry sectors; from construction and mining to aviation and chemicals manufacturing.


As an established occupational health services provider with a proven track record in the industry, De-novo HSE is playing a fundamental role in helping companies to comply with general statutory, legislative and regulatory occupational health requirements.


Our job is:

The identification and prevention of healthcare risks to employees, aligned to the relevant labour legislation and regulations to which all South African employers are legally bound.

Providing employers with detailed information on occupational health related matters concerning their workforce, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions.

We furthermore offer holistic integrated employee wellness services and programs.


Key components of De-novo HSE’s occupational health service:


Assisting employers with legal compliance

  • Medical Surveillance
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) 
  • Wellness Program
  • First Aid Training