SHE Principles in the workplace

The Occupational Health and Safety requires the employer to provide training and awareness on hazards and risks in the workplace. This course will assist employees in explaining  the structural safety principles and considerations in a working place as regards to the movement of people and materials. The safe manual handling of materials in a workplace is also demonstrated.



SAQA ID: 120325 and 120332


PREREQUISITES: Communications at NQF level 2, Mathematical literacy at NQF level 2

Cost: R 2 200


  • All employees


  •  Explain Structural Safety Principles And Considerations In A Working Place
  • Safe Manual Handling Of Materials In A Workplace.
  • Requirements Pertaining To The Mechanical Handling Of Material
  • Requirements Pertaining To The Safe Movement Of People
  • The Features And Nature Of An Electric Circuit In The Workplace
  • Hazards Associated With Electricity
  • The Application Of Control Measures Regarding Electricity

Course outcomes:

  • The types of incidents that can be encountered while there is movement of people and materials in and around the workplace are explained.
  • The requirements pertaining to floors and traffic routes in the workplace are explained.
  • The requirements pertaining to stairs, ladders, moving walkways and catwalks are explained.
  • The requirements pertaining to windows, doors, gates and walls confirms are explained.
  • The requirements pertaining to elevated work areas and storage platforms are explained.

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June 9, 2018

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